• The main navigation menu is at the top of the site. Click those buttons to get around!
• Use the menus inside embedded videos for youtube/rumble/bitchute, for menu options, settings & navigating.
• Hover with your mouse and click for settings/options.
• The scrollbars may show up on certain pages here to right of your tablet/smartphone screen. You should obviously see them on PC, Mac, Linux and other operating systems. Use them to scroll the pages up or down.
• You can also just Click RealityMatrix banner at the top of the site to take you to the homepage, where you once again have access to the main navigation/menu buttons.

• Change video streams: The youtube step back and forward buttons.
• The usual youtube playlist menus/options/settings are available.
• You can navigate: watch later, share or select which video you want to watch and in any order you chose,
by clicking the youtube playlist icon, then clicking on the video of choice.
• Other video sites will have different menus: [bitchute and rumble]

• Use the Menu/settings in your browser, then zoom in or out [- 100% +]
• Pinch to zoom the site to your liking on tablets/phones.
• To view this page as it was intended [ download the ANTIMATRIX font.] See how to [ ADD A FONT].

• Click [►.VIDEO LIST] for more videos.
• There might be some “easter eggs” on the site? Perhaps you can find them? ;).

• Chat:
• STEP1: Click the CHAT button to launch the Stumblechat RealityMatrix page.
• STEP2: Click REGISTER to be taken to the registration page
• STEP3: Register your details and sign up for a free account.
• After you have followed the procedure to register. You can now log in and [CHAT].
• Thanks and Enjoy.

• Contact: ✉ SEND AN E-MAIL .

made by G.K.Weekes aka “Neo”. Thank you . GO Well now. Peace.